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November 16, 2023

Sharing the Art and Power of Dance: Meet Milos Jadzic #StaffSpotlight

Nobody quite understands the power of dance like Milos Jadzic, a Dance With Me (DWM) instructor who’s love for dance is infinite. For Milos, dance isn’t just moving his body to the rhythm; it’s a language, a form of storytelling, and a powerful means of self-expression, one that he shares with the #DWMFAM and his students.

Milos’s dance journey started when he was a kid. It has always been a form of expression, healing, and celebration for him. His dedication and unwavering commitment to dance made him a 4-time national champion in Serbia for Latin dancing. But Milos’s accomplishments don’t stop there- he’s a professional jazz musical theater performer and actor.


"Ever since I was a kid, that [dance] has been my way of expressing myself best. It’s healing. It celebrates life. I love storytelling through dance. It fights hypocrisy, it opens horizons, and it educates humanity on so many levels," Milos says.

Outside the world of dance, Milos finds solace in reading and enjoys spending quality time with friends.

Having worked at DWM for almost 6 years, Milos has made a lasting impact on the Dance With Me Family. He nurtures talent and passion in our Soho and Glen Rock studios every day. We’re proud to have such a passionate and knowledgable dancer as part of our dance family!


"I have made a lot of great memories and a lot of friends in the company. I have learned a lot of new things about dancing and about myself working at Dance With Me," he says.

The #DWMFAM is here to guide dancers of all levels. Its a place to develop your skills and share your passions with a group of like-minded people, eager to learn and grow.

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