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February 17, 2014

Why You Should Like Valentine’s Day…Even if You’re Single

Let’s be honest…we love to hate Valentine’s Day. Cynics everywhere work out their eye-roll muscles for 364 days just to be ready when February 14th arrives.

Single people are, of course, the most caustic towards Cupid and his terrible aim. And what about those people who are in relationships? Surely, they wouldn’t begrudge this amorous day? Yep! Even when we are in the throes of love, we manage to hate on poor Valentine’s Day.

We complain that restaurants over charge us. We bemoan the fact that we just had to buy our significant other something for Christmas. Then there is the obligatory, overly emotional card we have to write. We say things like, “I don’t know what to put! I’m not a writer. Who do they think I am, David Thomas Moore??” Ok, so I’m pretty sure no one says that, but indulge me. The point is Valentine’s Day is the burnt sienna crayon of holidays! (No one likes burnt sienna.)


I don’t think this is right. After all, there are many reasons to like, if not love, Valentine’s Day. Let’s start with a few simple ones:
1) Most people look good in red: I know very few people who don’t look good in the color red. I mean, sure there are a few who look like they have a bad sunburn, but most find the color flattering to a fair degree. And Valentine’s Day is the one day you can wear red with no inhibition. Embrace it.

2) Romantic comedy marathons are on, like, every channel: I think there are two kinds of people: those who like romantic comedies and those who don’t want to admit they like romantic comedies. But deep down, I don’t know anyone who can watch Meg Ryan engage in a perfect break-up before ultimately ending up with the right man and not feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

3) More Candy: Each January we renew our commitment to decreasing our sugar intake. The holidays were an acceptable allowance, but now it is time to get serious! The problem is we are miserable. We want that cookie like a crack addict in recovery, but we have no real justification for our complete lack of self-discipline. Enter Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is falling on us like heavenly rain, we are gonna leave those umbrellas at home! (Did I just make a Weather Girls reference??) You won’t get another chance like this until Easter and the return of Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs (man, I love those things), so load up now!


So there are a few perfectly good reasons not to be a grump all day today. Now go out there and eat a sugar cookie in your red sweater. Have an over-priced dinner and go dancing with your loved one, or at least a friend. But celebrate that, with all the hurt in this world, love carries on as it always has and always will. And have a Happy Valentines Day.

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