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May 05, 2014

The Making of Sway Episode 3: “The First Rehearsal”

Are you ready for the third episode of “The Making of SWAY”?

You’ve entered “The Space”, you’ve seen the vision, you even got a sneak peek into the production, but it’s a dance show after all, so let’s do some dancing!

In this episode we are stepping onto the ballroom… and turning things up!  You’ll meet some of the cast members, and they’ll share their excitement, frustration, and overall expectations of the show.

If you haven’t been following (which we know you have) our mini-documentary series “The Making of SWAY”, here is a short recap:

In episode 1, “The Space”, we followed our SWAY choreographers, David Thomas Moore and Joao Tiago Fernandes, to our theater, conveniently titled, “The Space“. David and Tiago took you on a tour of the venue while discussing the story and concept behind SWAY.  –>Watch the first episode here.

In episode 2, “The Vision” we went behind the scenes with our production company Chez-zam, who will help make this show even more epic. Beverley Fish, the production manager, said there will be “special effects we’ve never done before for a dance show!” Maks and Val’s father, co-founder of Dance With Me studios, Sasha Chmerkovskiy, together with co-founder Jhanna Volynets, focused in on their vision and showed us what it takes to turn SWAY from concept to reality! –>Watch the second episode here.

But you’ve seen those already, right? Let’s get back to episode 3…“The First Rehearsal”

Our first rehearsal took place in our Long Island dance studio, Dance With Me of Glen Head, NY, where we find our performers adjusting and adapting to the style of choreography envisioned by David and Tiago.

This is no ordinary ballroom dance show, and that’s the point.

“I can honestly tell you that this is…something none of us was prepared for”Ilias Vinikovskiy, Resident Coach at Dance With Me and cast member of SWAY.

If you like the episode remember to share and comment below!

PS. Stay tuned for the fourth (4) episode of “The Making of SWAY” coming up next week!

Until then, much love from the Dance With Me Family!

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