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July 23, 2014



That’s the phrase that echoed throughout our Stamford dance studio the entire weekend.

“You’re not in the right spot! ONE WEEK LEFT!”

“Make sure your rhythm is clear! ONE WEEK LEFT!”

“Hit it harder! Keep it tighter! Get there faster! ONE! WEEK! LEFT!”

The last episode of “The Making of SWAY”… was 5 weeks ago, and it was appropriately titled “Get to Work”. So that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Sorry if you had to wait too long for this episode. We’ve sacrificed every night and weekend since to either practice, go over production, lighting, sound, or cover a ton of other logistics to make sure that this will be a show you’ll never forget.

Each cast member has spent their entire Saturdays and Sundays rehearsing about 10 hours each day, for the last couple months. Plus the support team has worked nonstop to making sure not a single detail is overlooked.

Val Chmerkovskiy joined the cast for the entire weekend and did what he does best… TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF!

But seriously… his experience, vast knowledge, and energy helped bring a lot of pieces together and boost everyone’s performance. I kind of lost my cool a little bit when things weren’t going as they were supposed to, but we worked together to clean everything up.

On Sunday the production team joined us to watch a run-through of the entire show… several times. In the end, muscles were sore, bodies were tired, minds exhausted, but everything came together… sort of.

This week’s rehearsals will include Zendaya, Maks, Tony, Val, Lena, and Peta. So stay tuned…

If you are just tuning in to “The Making of SWAY,” check out the previous episodes below:

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I know you’ve waited a long time but here it is.. The seventh episode of The Making of SWAY: “One Week Left”

Don’t forget to tell us what you think, and ENJOY!

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