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Shows & Entertainment

World-Class Dance Shows and Entertainment
Few experiences can rival seeing a dance show…except being in one!
For those who love to perform, or who have always secretly wanted to give it a try, Dance With Me let’s you explore your artistic side by presenting several shows throughout the year where you get to be the star! It’s ok to be nervous. A lot of people are at first, but if it try performing once, you just might get hooked.

Whether you want to start small in one of our in-studio showcases or take your talents to the stage in our annual, fully produced Fall Show, Dance With Me instructors and choreographers will work with you to create the perfect routine for you and help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of Performing
– Expand your creativity
– Gain confidence
– Improve flexibility and balance
– Gain advanced knowledge of a particular dance
– Improve partnering techniques
– Have the experience of being in a cast
– Have fun!



In addition to our student performances, Dance With Me studios is also thrilled to present our own professional productions, starring some of the most accomplished dancers in the world! Come see your Dance With Me founders, instructors, and surprise special guests put on a show like none other and take ballroom to a whole new level in the world of theater.

Our hit show Sway: A Dance Trilogy is still being talked about, and there are more fabulous shows on the way… Stay tuned!

Dance With Me studios can also help provide spectacular entertainment for your next event. Call the Dance With Me studio nearest you, and let us customize a performance that will make your party the talk of the town!

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