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March 23, 2015

Dancing With the Stars – Season 20 Episode 1 Recap


Gymnasts, athletes, musicians, and more! Will this season be one for the books? I can’t answer that question for you…so make sure to keep watching to find out!

Let’s meet our competitors of the 20th season of Dancing With the Stars..

Our first contestant made her fame on the big screen as Hollywood’s favorite little sister (of the indestructible Katniss Everdeen) from the movie Hunger Games! At 14 years old, Willow Shields is the youngest competitor on Dancing With the Stars ever!

Dancing with Mark Ballas, I thought this little Cha-Cha number a great start to the show. Age appropriate, cute, adorable costume. Loved it.

Len Goodman said, “Like a glass of Alka Seltzer. Sparkling, bubbly, refreshing, and makes you feel good. You’ve got to straighten your legs a little bit but a great start.”

Total score of 24 out of 40

Robert Herjavec flew in on his jet, and sped away with Kym Johnson in his flashy Ferrari. Multibillion dollar newly single bachelor with a jet and a Ferrari…Woo him Kym! Woo him! He may need a little help with his footwork, but Robert looked like he was having a fantastic time out on the dance floor. No fear, just fun.

Julianne Hough said, “I am completely blown away, I was not expecting that. You are so infectious. Your energy is so – you look like you had the time of your life and that was this competition is about. So coming out here week 1 and showing us that, and on on top of it you had really sharp legs, you’re pointing your toes. A little rough around the edges, work on your musicality a little bit over all amazing and Kim it’s so awesome to have you back”

Total score 28 out of 40

Riker Lynch, bass player for R5 was hoisted onto the stage for a jumping jive. Explosive and exciting, Allison and Riker really got the crowd riled up during their rocking performance.

Bruno Tonioli was excitedly proclaimed Lynch as “The Rocket Riker!” Standing up on the table Bruno said, “I was looking from up here, and I’m telling you you’ve got the coolest vibe I’ve seen since I saw my friend Billy Idol. You are cool, hip, you’re timing is immaculate. I cannot wait to see you do the next dance next week. Brilliant”.

Looks like we have a front runner for the night in Bruno’s eyes.

Total score 31 out of 40

Charlotte McKinney looks like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. I held my breath throughout her performance hoping we didn’t have a Janet Jackson incident out there. Keo had the right idea keeping everything taped down. I’m sure she would want the attention to be on her dancing, and not something else.

Nonetheless, Charlotte safely made it through her Jive! Smiling from ear to ear, Charlotte shook her little tail
feather all across the dance floor. Shout out to the DWTS costume department. Good job.

Carrie Anne Inaba said, “Charlotte you had a little bit of a rough start. You kind of missed the beginning there, but you are so much fun to watch. I just love your energy. You’re one of the – it’s like watching the girl who just goes for it. You have a little bit to learn. A little bit with the legs, the footwork, and the musicality but you have that energy, you keep that up and you keep going for it, and I think you’re going to do great.”

Total score 22 out of 40

Next was Miss Patti Labelle, who is quite the tough cookie. She’s been a legend since before I can remember. Patti is no spring chicken but I admire the fact that she isn’t letting age stop her from having fun. She may have struggled through rehearsals a bit but she came out and wowed everyone with Artem during their Foxtrot to the familiar tune “Lady Marmalade”. I love that song by the way. So groovy. Floating across the floor with agility and grace Patti really did a fantastic job.

Len said, “Oh Patti Labelle, ding dong. Hey you rang my bell Patti I can tell you that. It had such a lovely naturalness about it just an ease.” Finishing off with a well done from Len.

Total score 25 out of 40.

Chris Soules, the good old boy from this season of The Bachelor, was up next to cut loose on the dance floor with his partner Witney who we all know was the winner ofSeason 19 of #DWTS.

What a hunk of a man candy too. My gosh I think he could have two left feet and not an ounce of rhythm
and we would still watch him dance. What’s pleasantly surprisingly, however, is that he does have rhythm. Chris did great! Dancing to a fan favorite Footloose there was not way he wasn’t going to get the crowd excited.

Julianne said, “what can I say I love a country boy and I’m a little bias but I do love Footloose. But um that was great. I do feel that your feet were a little loose. I feel like you could have pointed them a little better but overall I feel like you’re the guy that like is the one that goes out in the weddings and like goes and dances and you bring all your buddies and stuff so it was so much fun and I wanted to get out and dance with you.”

Total score 26 out of 40

Michael Sam and Peta Muratroyd made a beautiful team. After 3 hours in the gym and 4 hours of dancing every day I was impressed with the amount of energy that was flowing through their Cha-Cha routine. It was marvelous.

Bruno said, “ Michael that was hot, and let me tell you that butt is a work of art. Michelangelo’s David got nothing on you. I thought that was spunky it was funky. Good partner work. Again got Peta. Good teacher. Very very well done.” Bruno’s only criticism was Michael’s foot placement. Not bad for their first run!

Total score 26 out of 40.

Derek and Nastia danced a fantastic Foxtrot. Extremely elegant and graceful it was easy to see that Nastia has training in gymnastics. Even though she struggled a bit with over extending her body this routine was still one of the best of the night. Personally I feel that having an Olympic gymnast as a partner may have a slight advantage (hint: Shawn Johnson), but it does raise the bar for the competition and keeps everyone performing at a high level.

Carrie Ann thought it was fantastic! “It was polished, it was clean, it was a show stopper, but there was a lift so…”(makes a noise like they were out of the game).

I was surprised when Derek added that lift. He knows how critical the judges are. They made it out okay, though.

Total score 30 out of 40

Redfoo was up next. He seemed to struggle with his routine during rehearsals but he is a whole lot of fun on the dance floor. His Cha-Cha with Emma was enjoyable and amusing to watch with his spunky outfit and corky moves.

Len said, “ Well Redfoo you dance like your hair. A little wild and unkept but there you know needed a little more hip action but it was a fun fun thing to watch so well done for that”.

Total score 22 out of 40

Noah was a heartbreaker for me.  He is truly amazing for taking on the challenge of dancing when he is without one arm and on leg. It was hard to see him struggle through rehearsals but he stuck through it and came out with a beautiful performance with Sharnain the end.

Julianne said, “This moment that’s happening right now and in the room but between you two this is the first time tonight that I’ve see the kind of connection that you need in this competition. It’s beautiful. Um but I also want to say that we obviously know what your challenges are. But I hope that everybody who’s watching this, and is seeing this right now they know that for a man to lead it’s usually with the left arm, and so for Sharna the creativity with that choreography is so beautiful and the trust that you both have in each other is beautiful.”

Total score 26 out of 40

Suzanne Somers and Tony Dovolani. Adorable match. At 68 years old Susanne looks amazing and her thighs look even better!  Tying into the whole aerobics theme Tony had me laughing hysterically dressed up in his leggings and leg warmers.  Richard Simmons would have been so proud!

Bruno said “Tony you’ve lost it completely. Even I wouldn’t dare to wear that.”

Total score 25 out of 40

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Rumer and Val. The dream team of the evening! I have such high hopes for these two to bring home the Mirror Ball Trophy, and I was standing up dancing with them during their routine. Their Foxtrot was magical. That’s all I can say.

Did anyone catch Bruce Willis’ face? Stone cold Steve Austin out there. I think we was trying to intimidate the judges. I get it, my dad would do the same thing.  He did crack a smile towards the end, like any proud father would.

Carrie Ann yelling at the top of her lungs said, “Rumer where have you been! That was incredible. That was passionate it was intense and what I saw that no one else saw was a fierce competitor. You are in it to win it. Well done”!

Total score 32 out of 40

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Until next time… but don’t forget to vote for your favorite competitor this season and throw in a few extra votes for the #DWMFAMILY Dynamic Duo – Valentin Chmerkovskiy, and Tony Dovolani.

Let me know your thoughts of the premiere and predictions of what is to come!

Dance with you later


Rumer & Val — 32

Riker & Allison — 31

Nastia & Derek — 30

Robert & Kym — 28

Witney & Chris — 26

Michael & Peta — 26

Noah & Sharna — 26

Patti & Artem — 25

Willow & Mark — 25

Suzanne & Tony — 25

Charlotte & Keo — 22

Redfoo & Emma — 22

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