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Texas Team Match 2019

🦒🌴Get ready to go ….WILD! 🌴🐆

The theme of our Texas Team Match is Jungle Wonderland. Pack your binoculars, sunglasses, and hats and embark on a magical tropical getaway. (minus the snakes and mosquitoes 😅)

Who knows what mysterious creatures you might encounter along the way 🦚…. perhaps the exotic Samba dancer, energetic Salseros, and if you’re lucky you might even witness a rare rhythmic standoff, commonly known as the Paso Doble.

🏆Team Match  Events 🏆

Dance Camp
Social / Jack & Jill
Formation Team Dances


Rhythm / Jack & Jill
Standard / Jack & Jill
Team Match
🌴Jungle Wonderland Gala 🐆
Line Dancing


Smooth / Jack & Jill
Latin / Jack & Jill

🎟 Spectator Tickets 🎟

You don’t have to be on the dance floor to be a part of the fun.

Enjoy the beautiful dancing during the day and dance the night away at the gala!

Cheer loud enough 🗣👏and you might even win our Top Spectator award (which scores you a complimentary private lesson)!

Inquire with your local studios!



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