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Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons are all about you.

We personalize each lesson based on your individual needs, desires, and goals, adjusting our teaching style to your ability, personality, and expectations. This ensures the most thorough and rapid learning process, all while keeping it fun, easy, and comfortable.

We accommodate each student’s schedule and create custom tuition that makes each plan affordable.

We are also certified to teach private wheelchair dance lessons in our dance studios.

Benefits of Private Dance Lessons

  • Personalized attention and custom lesson guide
  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Fastest way to learn and progress

Group Dance Classes

Group dance classes are a fun way to progress to higher levels of dance in a social setting.

Group dance classes are ideal when learning general techniques and getting comfortable with the fundamentals of specific dance styles, from Cha Cha to Waltz, and everything in between. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to accommodate your dancing ability. Group classes are offered in a developmental series. The lessons are progressive and an effective method to learn basic dance patterns and rhythms.

Have your own idea for a group class?

Want to bring some friends together for a healthy fun activity?

Create your own group class!

Grab some friends and tell us what you want to learn and we’ll make it happen. Just tell us you want your own custom group class!

Benefits of Group Classes

  • Invaluable leading/following experience of dancing with different partners
  • Learn to dance in a comfortable social setting
  • Introduction to many different dances
  • Learn the basic patterns and rhythms

Dance Classes for Kids

Dance With Me Juniors

Instill the values and discipline of ballroom dancing in your children from a young age! The Kids Program allows children to come and learn to work with a partner and create something beautiful. Ballroom dancing teaches children to respect one another and work together as partners. This fun and dynamic program will encourage your child to be a part of the dancing community and show them how much fun ballroom dancing can be!

Dance With Me Juniors is currently only available at Glen Rock, NJ.

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Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Competitive ballroom dancing is the perfect combination of art and sport. It is regarded in Europe and Asia as one of the highest honors in sports, and is gaining momentum in the United States. Rigorous yet pleasurable training helps the body develop strength and control at an accelerated pace. The thrill of competition is the fastest way to improve your dancing skills.

The Dance With Me dance studios’ ownership team is comprised of former National and World Champions. The discipline, winning mentality, superior knowledge, hard work, dedication, and skill set required to produce champion quality dancers is at the core of our foundation. Most of our instructors are current or former competitors and train every day at our industry leading dance sessions to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of dance education.

Dance With Me Studios has produced National Champions and Finalists in the Pro-Am division of competitive Ballroom Dancing, winning Top Teacher and Top Studio awards along the way.

Dance Parties

What’s a party without some music and dancing?

Not only does Dance With Me host the best social dance parties within our fine establishments, but we also provide party services and entertainment off-premises at the venue of your choosing.

Social Dance Parties

Dance With Me social parties provide an ideal setting for perfecting your newly learned moves, meeting new people, and simply having fun. The environment is comfortable, welcoming, and perfect for developing your party skills. The Dance With Me staff ensures that each guest is fully engaged in the party atmosphere and walks away filled with memories of a wonderful time

Party Services and Entertainment

Let Dance With Me make your next party your best party. We’ll host your event at our modern and elegant facilities, or our staff can entertain your guests off-premises. Dance With Me’s personalized approach and flexibility allows you to choose the perfect scenario for your party. Whether it be a world-class show, an engaging group lesson, or if you simply need to get everybody moving, Dance With Me can provide the dance entertainment you need to make any party a memorable success.

Wedding Dance Choreography

At Dance With Me, we know how special your first dance as a married couple is. Our dance instructors can make sure you are prepared for this unforgettable moment with a wedding dance routine designed just for you. As masters of choreography, we customize memorable and impressive routines to the music and dance style of your choice. Each plan is tailored to fit your needs based on your schedule, budget, and expectations for your first dance. It is our mission to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with every step you take together on this truly special occasion. We’ll make it the most fun part of the entire wedding planning process!

Benefits of DWM Wedding Dance Choreography

    • Weddings can be stressful. Taking the time to enjoy the fun of dancing together can help strengthen your bond during the wedding organization process.
    • Learning to dance together takes trust in one another. Learning to intuitively move in unison is a great way to start the foundation of your marriage.
    • By learning with the DWM family, we ensure that you will feel comfortable and confident, moving gracefully and smoothly during your very first dance as a married couple.
    • As you practice dancing together before the event, you will build confidence and will both be ready for the big day.

Benefits of Dance Fitness

  • Increases Muscle Tone
  • Strengthens Posture
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Energy
  • Improves Coordination
  • AND dancing helps target your arms, glutes, legs, as well as other parts of the body not generally worked out, without putting pressure on your joints.

Dance With Me Dance Fitness Classes

Space Rental

Our state-of-the-art studios are ideal for any special occasion or corporate event. Dance With Me Studios can entertain any intimate occasion or large event. Rental rates vary according to the studio location, schedule and notice given, nature of the event, and services required. Simply complete our event application and our staff will contact you within 24-hours to confirm availability and provide you with a personalized quote.

Our spaces can accommodate a variety of events such as:

    • -Musical performances
    • -Theatrical rehearsals
    • -Fashion shows
    • -Benefits
    • -Auditions
    • -Lectures
    • -Conferences
    • -Dinners
    • -Parties
    • -Fundraisers
    • -And more!




Dance With Me provides a variety of services for corporations and their employees.

See how Dance With Me can add value to your organization.

Dancing is a great way to…

  • Create comfort among employees
  • Build team trust
  • Foster interaction and cooperation
  • Promote positivity
  • Increase cultural awareness

We can also bring our services to a location of your choice. Each event is fully customizable based on your specific needs. We can develop a memorable and unique corporate team-building experience, with all amenities included. Whether it be a fun salsa routine, an upbeat swing set, or an elegant lesson in the arts of Waltz, our program helps foster teamwork and trust, while enhancing social skills and providing cultural education. 



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Pricing & Policy

Yes, we offer unrivaled service in the dance industry, but our prices are competitive too!  We create each program based on the individual needs of the students; therefore, your tuition is customized as well.  We can work with any schedule or budget, and we offer loyalty and package discounts.  Schedule an introductory private session or a free consultation today to discover how dance can enrich your life.